covid-19 updates

The reopening of photoography studios on 15th June was a welcome change for the photography community, though I as well as many others decided to postpone indoor work until we felt further restrictions in line with some types of our work had been further advised on and relaxed. I am excited to say I will be re-opening for indoor newborn photography sessions from 6th July, with a phased approach to returning to a new normal.

I used to carry oout 2 sessions a day, 3 days a week, however I will now only be able to offer 1 session a day 2 - 3 days a week. This means available spaces will be fewer, so booking ahead now is advised more than ever.

Our outdoor newborn and new baby sunset sessions have been a hit! With new parents snapping up the chance for those long awaited baby photos. Our outdoor newborn and baby sessions are set to continue until the weather turns colder.

Indoor newborn photography sessions have changed a little. Before your session, please read the following safety rules:

  • Only one indoor newborn session a day is now available

  • No car seats or prams, shoes must be removed at the door and will be stored in a cleansed box

  • We are asking, where possible, one parent should attend their session. If it is necessary for both parents to come, please let us know in advance who will be attending

  • The sofa has been removed from the studio and replaced with wipeable chairs

  • A feeding pillow can be brought but the pillow must be washed first

  • Face coverings must be worn, please bring yours

  • You will be required to undertake frequent hand sanitising

  • No confectionary is provided, please bring your own drink and ensure this is taken home with you

  • Please use the designated area in the studio for nappy changing and take all waste with you

  • If you or anyone in your family is unwell or has a temperature, you must rearrange your session

  • Cake smashes are now only available as an outside session and you must arrange a cake yourself

  • Please do not bring items to encorporate with the session, only our items can be used

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