the newborn session you've been looking for

When you find the newborn photographer you love, it's an exciting moment. We share that excitement with you, ensuring each session is as good as the last. Our modern newborn photography sessions are styled using the most beautiful fabrics, props, delicate crowns and bonnets, all items are handmade and so very carefully sourced from reputable newborn prop makers in the UK and worldwide.

Know that your baby's safety is as important to me as it is to you. Every single item used is fresh, clean and disinfected. Safety first, I have studied newborn photography safety classes and will always put your precious little ones needs before a photo. I am an editing

specialist in composition photography, a must for the modern day newborn photographer.

When should I book? - Most people like to reserve a placement for their birth month after their 12/20 weeks growth scan.

How do I book, when I don't know when my baby will be born? - Every month I have 8-10 placements available to reserve. This is less than I used to offer, due to Covid-19 I have reduced my workload for 2020 to allow for breaks betweens clients and careful cleansing of equipment between shoots. The beauty of reserving early, is that you don't need to worry, your photoshoot date will be finalised after your baby is born and you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you will be guaranteed a place.

My baby has already been born and I just found you! Can I book? - Get in touch as soon as possible, I do get diary movement which could mean I can fit you in.

I've heard babies need to be under 2 weeks old for a newborn session. Is this true? - In a word, no. Certain poses are easier under 4 weeks old and some older newborns (4-6 weeks) may take longer to settle or have awake photos, but any baby can have a photoshoot, it's just selecting the right one for your baby. To take advantage of the most poses and those curled up sleepy shots, it's advisable to aim for your newborn session to be within about 2-3 weeks of birth. The best way to ensure this is possible, is to reserve a placement after your 12/20 weeks scan.

Lovingly Lydia Rustic Outdoor Newborn
Lovingly Lydia Taco Pose

which session is your dream session?

Come To My Home Studio

Session Type 1 £149

Priority Space Deposit £50


A warm welcome and smiles await you, when you choose to visit me at my cosy home studio in Southampton. Take a seat and have a well earned break whilst I capture those tiny eyelashes, dinky toes, perfect mouth and button nose. My studio is a converted room in my home, which allows anyone who prefers a studio space over being outdoors or in their own home.

  • Session time up to 3 hours

  • Hand picked wraps, bonnets, crowns and felt furs

  • Prop setups

  • Privacy to breastfeed

  • View from home, password protected viewing gallery

  • Includes 10 digital images of your choice, purchase the remaining gallery for only £49

  • No additional purchase clauses or minimum spend

Session Type 2: £375
Priority Space Deposit £100

The Ultimate Home Photoshoot

Snuggle down into your own sofa, grab a cuppa which you may even get to finish! Find a snuggly blanket and take a well earned break during our Home Newborn Photoshoot. The studio equipment is popped up in your living room in no time and includes those classic darling poses you dreamt of. No detail has been left out, from our roll up rustic wooden flooring to our handmade vintage beds and pails. Home photoshoots are where my newborn photography journey began. With years of home photoshoot experience now under my belt, there isn't a situation I haven't had. The Home Photshoot is perfect for parents who love the idea of not having to go out after the birth, parents with young children, children or adults with special needs or for anyone who may quickly become restless after being in a studio for hours. Mothers who have had surgery find this type of photoshoot particularly beneficial.

  • Session time up to 4 hours

  • A range of hand picked wraps, bonnets, crowns and felt furs

  • Two props setup

  • Professional posing on the studio cushion

  • Beautiful natural poses

  • View from home, password protected viewing gallery

  • Includes full digital gallery download and one professional 10X8 print

  • Includes parents and siblings

  • Studio lighting and setup

  • Catchment 1 hour from Southampton (areas outside Southampton may incur a £10 travel fee)

Newborn photography session
Newborn Hands Pose
Chin on hands pose

Outdoor Newborn (June - August)

£129 including gallery of 30-60 images

Do you love nature? Imagine a "caught in the moment" set of naturally styled, rustic images with a glowing backdrop. Our outdoor newborn sessions make dreams come true. This session is suitable from 2 weeks and older. Sessions include direct family members, including grandparents and furry brothers and sisters!

  • On Location photoshoot

  • Styling advise

  • Gallery of 30-60 downloadable images

  • Include your direct family members (including pets with a suitable helper)